Playing Indians and Cowboys

A-indios-y-Vaqueros-pv-Full-Score Playful piano song about kids playing a catch game, that used to be known in Spain as Indios y Vaqueros (indians and cowboys). It is a swing piece with many changes, in speed and theme as the different groups of kids chase each other....

Stop Complaining

This piece was written to accompany a racing game. It is a high energy track, built in a Big Beat style with a little melodic bit thrown in for fun.

The English Restorer

A melancholic and spiritual short orchestral piece, for classic orchestra built around a slowly paced ostinato and a light melody on the flute.

Pequeño Nocturno a Dos Voces

This a little and easy piece for Piano Solo that I wrote imposing myself a limitation: Only two voices, and both of them monophonic to try to get the maximum result possible.

Morena Española

Short and lively piano composition, about a minute length with a strong Spanish feeling. It is of an intermediate level, although it is forgiving with the playing speed, sounding quite nice at slower bpm.