My Music

Playing Indians and Cowboys

A-indios-y-Vaqueros-pv-Full-Score Playful piano song about kids playing a catch game, that used to be known in Spain as Indios y Vaqueros (indians and cowboys). It is a swing piece with many changes, in speed and theme as the different groups of kids chase each other....

Stop Complaining

This piece was written to accompany a racing game. It is a high energy track, built in a Big Beat style with a little melodic bit thrown in for fun.

The English Restorer

A melancholic and spiritual short orchestral piece, for classic orchestra built around a slowly paced ostinato and a light melody on the flute.

Pequeño Nocturno a Dos Voces

This a little and easy piece for Piano Solo that I wrote imposing myself a limitation: Only two voices, and both of them monophonic to try to get the maximum result possible.

Morena Española

Short and lively piano composition, about a minute length with a strong Spanish feeling. It is of an intermediate level, although it is forgiving with the playing speed, sounding quite nice at slower bpm.

My Musings

Amplitude Envelope

What is an amplitude envelope, how is it used, and basic tricks to make the best of them in Logic Audio.

The nature of Sound

Ever wondered what sound is ? have a look at this video, it explains it in plain terms.. learn the meaning of the main terms associated to sound: amplitude, frequency, propagation...